Services Offered


Decades of institutional knowledge and expertise have been built into Kirkwood & Darby's technology. Our property tax management system is a custom made information data base that allows us to manage thousands of properties throughout the nation. This system helps us to administer our engagements in rendering, value negotiations, appeals and auditing tax bills, no matter the state. It also allows for effective communication and reporting to our clients. It is a system that reflects the vast knowledge and processes of a property tax firm that has been representing clients since 1936, yet it is a system that is constantly evolving in response to our client's needs and keeps pace with changing technology.

We continually develop, improve and utilize various valuation tools that help us to insure that we are representing our clients in the most effective manner. Whether these tools are created in-house or purchased from others, we seek to maintain the "negotiating edge" we have over the jurisdictions that assess our client's property.