Services Offered

Mineral Valuation Division

In 1936, Kirkwood & Darby's first clients were oil and gas companies who required help in insuring that their property was fairly and equitably assessed. The property tax consulting business was in its infancy and Kirkwood & Darby lead the way in establishing a new industry.

Today, Kirkwood & Darby still leads the way in the ever changing world of oil & gas property assessment and taxation. From the use of schedules and calculations done by slide rule in the past, to today's use of computers and sophisticated models to value reserves, Kirkwood & Darby continues to focus on representing energy companies and their property. Our intense focus on doing the best job possible for each of our clients has allowed us to weather the storms of doing business in an ever more sophisticated and technical climate. We are proud of the fact that many of our original clients or their successor companies still look to Kirkwood & Darby for their property tax solutions.

Our Mineral Valuation Division represents oil & gas and related property throughout the United States. From oil leases to gas plants, our agents have a deep understanding of the oil & gas business and the appraisal practices of the states and counties that assess these properties. Through the years, we have earned the respect of the assessing entities that evaluate the properties we represent. They know us to be aggressive, but honest and above board in our dealings with them. Additionally, our clients know that we will represent them in a way that will uphold their good name.

Negotiating a fair value on our client's property and eliminating the time spent by them on the ad valorem process accomplishes our goal of saving money for our customers.