Services Offered

Commercial Real Estate

Kirkwood & Darby clients include all types of commercial real estate assets, to include industrial, retail, office, multi-family and single family developers.

In order to provide the best service for our clients we analyze each property utilizing the three recognized approaches to value and communicate closely with our clients. We then develop the most advantageous approach to determine the lowest legal value to present to the appraisal authorities. Filing the necessary appeal documentation in a timely manner and providing testimony at local review board hearings are also an important part of our representation.

We can also assist in selection of legal counsel and administrative management of law suits if necessary. Kirkwood and Darby also provides tax abatement and exemption consultation, pre-acquisition and disposition analysis, and tax estimates or budget information for our clients.

At Kirkwood and Darby we believe that the time invested into each property and the communication with our client set us apart from most other tax consulting firms.